Gonzaba Foundation

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Founded in 2021, The Gonzaba Foundation for Healthier Communities is a non-profit organization that aims to help improve the lives of the older adult population in San Antonio, Texas.

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The Foundation is the non-profit branch of Gonzaba Medical Group. Our efforts are focused on serving, supporting, and assisting the age 60+ community.

The Foundation is committed to providing community-wide programs and resources designed in collaboration with city leaders and influential senior advocates. Together, the goal of our programming is to create healthier communities by improving the quality of life of our older adults. The Foundation has an unparalleled connection to the San Antonio area and is well-positioned to drive meaningful change.

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Our team’s role is to advocate, address, and identify the many needs of older adults in San Antonio. We support our senior population by attending and hosting educational community events, designing pipeline programming, and establishing resources that benefit the social, mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing of older adults. With the help of our incredible partners and team of volunteers, our goal is to inspire others to put the needs of seniors at the forefront. We encourage the concept of aging in place, aging gracefully, and aging your own way.