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City Chambers Recognition for Smoke Alarms
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Welcome to the Gonzaba Foundation for Healthier Communities!

Since 2022, we have made a significant impact in the lives of older adults through our programs and unwavering support. Join our journey of meaningful change by signing up for our newsletter to stay connected with our upcoming programs, news, and events. Let’s create a healthier and happier community for our beloved seniors in San Antonio.


Our Mission

Our Commitment to Seniors

Founded in 2022, The Gonzaba Foundation for Healthier Communities was established to provide resources to the senior population in San Antonio.

How You Can Help

Volunteer Now

Volunteer for Seniors. Join us and make a difference in the lives of older adults in San Antonio. Various opportunities available. Join now!

Our Impact

Changing Lives with Your Support

Over 20,000

Number of Seniors Supported in 2023

With the help of our community and dedicated volunteers, we provided vital resources and assistance to over 20,000 seniors in San Antonio, Texas. 


Seniors Enrolled in Programming

Through our Ambassador Program and various initiatives, we have witnessed a remarkable 1500+ Seniors Enrolled in Programming.

Over 500

Volunteer Hours Contributed

Our dedicated volunteers have contributed over 500 hours of their time to support the senior population in San Antonio.

Our Impact

Making Real Differences for Seniors Every Day


Ambassador Program

Join now to be a face of our foundation! We are always seeking influential adults aged 65+ to advocate and spread awareness. Make connections, gain leadership skills, and inspire others.

Gonzaba grass cutters

Senior Grass Busters

Grass Cutting Assistance for Seniors. We help seniors aged 65+ in the San Antonio area with lawn maintenance. Get the support you need for a well-maintained lawn. Eligibility confirmation available.


Spurs Silver Club

In partnership with the San Antonio Spurs, The Gonzaba Foundation created The Spurs Silver Club for San Antonio Spurs fans and residents age 60+. Join the Spurs Silver Club today at no-cost for exclusive benefits to include discounted game tickets, season perks, upcoming events or activities, and be the first to find out about the next Spurs Senior Night. Sign up today!

Golden Gardeners

The Gonzaba Foundation is happy to announce its new Golden Gardeners Program – a free program that offers seniors the opportunity to garden and explore the outdoors safely! Our Golden Gardeners get the opportunity to garden in a comfortable setting while learning about plants, spending time outdoors, and plants that thrive in the Texas landscape.