Seniors in Play

What’s It All About?

Seniors in Play is a groundbreaking and theatrical program designed for senior citizens. We conduct FREE classes in thirteen (13) locations across the city, enriching the lives of thousands of Senior Citizens at various City of San Antonio Senior & Community Centers.

Seniors in Play is truly transformative in a unique way! Our program is centered on seniors’ journaling, examining significant experiences in their lives and sharing rich life stories, finding their story-telling voice, the crafting of original performances, whether through monologues or one-act plays, then presented to fellow seniors and family members.

Seniors in Play has a profound impact on the lives of seniors, offering them a platform for self-expression and creative exploration through the performing arts. It also nurtures community bonds and fosters meaningful connections. Moreover, it plays a vital role in preserving cognitive health and enhancing physical, mental and social well-being while combating isolation and depression.

Recent research underscores the significance of socialization, active engagement, and the cultivation of social and emotional skills like confidence, self-regulation, and persistence in enhancing the overall well-being of seniors. Seniors in Play utilizes improv games and activities to increase physical activity and playfulness. Our proprietary curriculum encourages laughter and having fun – this represents an innovative approach to bolstering positive mental health for seniors.

Great Day SA segment with Tony Plana and Fernanda – ‘Seniors in Play‘ Acting Program. READ MORE.

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